What Will a Washington Appellate Court Review on Appeal?

When appealing an order in a civil or criminal case, a party’s experience in the appellate court will not simply be a “do-over” of what […]

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US Supreme Court Overturns Conviction With Implications for Other Convictions

In a series of decisions in May and June, the US Supreme Court has not only overturned the conviction of one criminal defendant based on […]

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Berkeley Reports on the Cost of Statewide Wrongful Convictions in California

It has long been known that wrongful convictions cost taxpayers millions of dollars every year. Recently, a report out of the University of California, Berkeley […]

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Growing Rate of Exonerations Highlights Need for Appeals Now

More innocent people are wrongfully convicted in the U.S. criminal justice system than the average person might suspect. According to an article in The Guardian, […]

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When the Jury Gets It Wrong

The American criminal justice system is a far better system than some found in other parts of the world. Trial by a jury of one’s […]

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The Appellate Approach

If you appeal a guilty verdict in a criminal case, the court does not always let you go free. You need a criminal appeals lawyer to request a stay on appeal. Your lawyer can request this stay at your sentencing hearing. This way you will not have to stay behind bars while the appeal is going on. Your lawyer will also try to overturn the wrongful conviction.

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