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At The Appellate Law Firm, we understand how you as a trial attorney invest so much of your resources in a case, and so when a verdict is unfavorable, it is only natural to want to appeal it yourself. But that’s not always in everyone’s best interests. 

Our appellate attorneys are here to put forth a successful appeal with one aim: a favorable outcome. We take on criminal, civil, and family law matters at the appeal level, and we do so with integrity and commitment. You can refer your client to us with confidence and know that your hard work will not be for nothing.

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    Why Trial Attorneys Refer Clients to The Appellate Law Firm

    You are deep in your client’s case to the point you cannot see anything else but from the perspective you developed while representing them. Appellate cases require objectivity to shine a light on errors made in the case so that adequate grounds can be found for an appeal. We at The Appellate Law Firm offer that objective perspective that can move the appeal in the right direction from the very start.

    Appeals are uniquely different from trials. From brief formats to written briefs (e.g., the appellate brief, reply brief, and/or opening brief), a different approach is required. Trial lawyers focus on the story to persuade a jury while appellate lawyers focus on the legal issues to persuade a judge, as a matter of law, they should win. Oral argument, if one is held on appeal, similarly requires a different approach employed with a different skillset.

    How long do you have to file an appeal? How much staff do you have to assist you with the appeal? These and other questions must be considered because they can make all the difference. At The Appellate Law Firm, we are fully staffed. Plus, given the resources we have, we can quickly review the trial record, identify errors, and file a well-supported, well-argued, and well-written appeal using our objective perspective to pick up on key elements you may have overlooked and use that information to your client’s benefit.

    We focus only on appeals. In criminal cases, where errors were made or sentencing guidelines were inadvertently applied, we appeal. In civil cases, where a party fails to win a remedy they should have or, vice versa, was ordered to perform a remedy they believe is unfair, we appeal. In family law matters, where a party wants to appeal a verdict on issues related to any aspect of a divorce, like child custody, spousal support or alimony, visitation, asset allocation, or more, we appeal. We have decades of combined experience appealing all types of cases.

    To file an appeal, you need to be admitted to the proper courts. Our appellate lawyers are admitted to numerous state and federal courts where appeals are heard. We have the resources and commitment to help clients in many different jurisdictions throughout the United States.

    We have established a track record of success. As such, we are respected in the appellate courts where we practice and among our peers.

    You Worked Hard to Represent Your Clients. Now, It’s Time for an Appellate Lawyer to Move the Case Forward toward the Best Outcome Available.

    Not every case will end with a new trial, an overturned verdict, or an improved criminal sentence, but we put the work in to ensure your client’s best chances on appeal.

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