Should I Appeal a California Family Law Court Order?

  Going through a family law case is never easy. Whether you are involved in a dispute over a property division, child custody, child support, […]

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What Happens if I Win My Criminal Appeal in Washington State?

Going through a criminal trial is stressful—especially if you have to file an appeal to get justice. A successful appeal in a criminal case can […]

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Can Jury Misconduct Lead to an Appeal in California?

People are human. They have biases, prejudices, preconceived notions, and they can make serious errors. In a criminal case in California, inappropriate conduct by a […]

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California Exceptions to a Failure to File a Timely Notice of Appeal

Appeals are time-sensitive. In California, you have a limited amount of time to initiate the appeals process. How much time depends on the nature of […]

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Should You Hire a New Lawyer for Your Criminal Appeal in California?

The criminal justice system does not always get things right. While losing at the trial stage is devastating, the ability to file an appeal provides […]

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The Appellate Approach

If you appeal a guilty verdict in a criminal case, the court does not always let you go free. You need a criminal appeals lawyer to request a stay on appeal. Your lawyer can request this stay at your sentencing hearing. This way you will not have to stay behind bars while the appeal is going on. Your lawyer will also try to overturn the wrongful conviction.

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