What are the Deadlines in California to Appeal a Criminal or Civil Judgment?

Unfortunately, courts sometimes make mistakes. If a criminal or civil case does not go your way, you have the right to file an appeal. That […]

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Can I Appeal a Personal Injury Case in Los Angeles?

Through a personal injury claim, an individual hurt due to the negligence of another party has the right to seek financial compensation for their damages. […]

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Who Can Appeal a Civil Case?

A civil legal case is a dispute in which private parties—individuals, businesses, organizations, etc—are in conflict. In a criminal case, only one party (the defendant) […]

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Who Can Appeal a Criminal Case?

Facing criminal charges is stressful and overwhelming. A court’s verdict is not necessarily the end of the case. A defendant has the right to appeal […]

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Can I Get Bail While My California Criminal Case is on Appeal?

Bail is a form of conditional release. By posting bail, a person facing criminal charges can secure their release while their case is still pending. […]

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The Appellate Approach

If you appeal a guilty verdict in a criminal case, the court does not always let you go free. You need a criminal appeals lawyer to request a stay on appeal. Your lawyer can request this stay at your sentencing hearing. This way you will not have to stay behind bars while the appeal is going on. Your lawyer will also try to overturn the wrongful conviction.

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