What Document Accompanies a Notice of Appeal?

Appellate law is the body of rules and regulations that governs appeals. It is a highly specialized and technical area of law. If you received […]

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What are the Three Federal Courts of Appeal?

Do you have a case in federal court? You may have heard that there are three levels of appeal. Technically, there are only two levels […]

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How Long Does a Civil Appeal Take in California?

Did you receive an adverse decision in a civil case in California? You are not necessarily out of options. You can appeal the ruling to […]

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Can a Prosecutor Appeal Acquittal in Washington State?

The Washington Association of Sheriffs & Police Chiefs (WASPC) reports that nearly 500,000 arrests were made in the state in 2021 alone. For an accused […]

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Should I Waive Oral Argument on Appeal?

When most people think about a trial, a fiercely contested oral argument is one of the first things that comes to mind. There is a […]

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The Appellate Approach

If you appeal a guilty verdict in a criminal case, the court does not always let you go free. You need a criminal appeals lawyer to request a stay on appeal. Your lawyer can request this stay at your sentencing hearing. This way you will not have to stay behind bars while the appeal is going on. Your lawyer will also try to overturn the wrongful conviction.

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