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The Appellate Law Firm represents clients in civil, criminal, and family appeal cases in the courts of Michigan, Washington and California

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The Appellate Approach

Our attorneys can appear at your sentencing hearing to request a stay on your appeal or an appeal bond in an effort to keep you out of custody while the appeal is pending

We will carefully examine every aspect of the trial record in search of potential grounds for an appeal.


Whether it is your goal to overturn a prior ruling or to defend a past favorable ruling, we can evaluate your case and provide you informed guidance on how to proceed with your civil appeal.

We will thoughtfully examine every stage of your case at the trial level, including pretrial motions all the way through jury instructions and post-trial motions, to determine the most effective legal strategy for your success on appeal. In addition to working with clients directly, we are available to collaborate with trial attorneys who want to remain involved in the litigation at the appellate level.


When a decision in family court does not go the way you wanted, it is not just dollars and cents at stake, but oftentimes your ability to spend time with your children and be an ongoing part of their lives for the foreseeable future is on the line as well. Regardless of what type of decision that a family court judge has handed down, you may have the right and ability to overturn that decision on appeal.

The Appellate Law Firm represents individuals in appealing family law decisions and will advocate for a fair and just resolution on your family law matters.


The Appellate Law Firm has represented clients in civil, criminal, and family cases and helped them get the justice they deserve.

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The lawyers of the Appellate Law Firm are dedicated to seeking justice in civil and criminal appeals cases.

The civil and criminal courts are supposed to be fair and unbiased, but this does not always happen. If a jury finds you guilty, a family law court divides your marital property unfairly, or a civil court rules against you, you have the right to appeal the decision. The attorneys at the Appellate Law Firm can help you present arguments to persuade the appeals court to reverse the trial court’s ruling.

Our Lawyers

These are some notable cases where The Appellate Law Firm has helped people get justice.

The Appellate Law Firm has represented parties in some high-profile cases in the civil courts of Michigan, Washington, California, Oregon, Texas, Ohio, Florida, Georgia and Pennsylvania. We have helped defendants who have been wrongfully convicted overturn their convictions and helped to reverse unjust and incorrect rulings in civil cases.

Notable cases

Here are videos of compelling oral arguments and notable case wins that were handled by The Appellate Law Firm team.

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