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Handling all phases of civil and criminal appellate representation in Washington, California, Oregon, Michigan, Florida, Georgia, Texas, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.

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The Appellate Approach

Criminal Appeals

Our attorneys can appear at your sentencing hearing to request a stay on your appeal or an appeal bond in an effort to keep you out of custody while the appeal is pending.

We will carefully examine every aspect of the trial record in search of potential grounds for an appeal or other post-conviction relief.
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Civil Appeals

Whether it is your goal to overturn a prior ruling or to defend a past favorable ruling, we can evaluate your case and provide you informed guidance on how to proceed with your civil appeal.

We will thoughtfully examine every stage of your case at the trial level, including pretrial motions all the way through jury instructions and post-trial motions, to determine the most effective legal strategy for your success on appeal. In addition to working with clients directly, we are available to collaborate with trial attorneys who want to remain involved in the litigation at the appellate level.
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Criminal Appeals

Criminal appeals are time-sensitive because a sentence in a criminal case usually involves incarceration. Spending even one day in custody as a result of a wrongful conviction is a travesty. The Appellate Law Firm will do everything possible to prevent unnecessary incarceration time by isolating the most meritorious issues for the appeal and submitting a persuasive brief intended to grab the attention of the appellate court judges.

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Civil Appeals

A loss in the trial court usually comes after expensive and time-consuming civil litigation. There is often too much at stake to simply accept defeat and move on.The Appellate Law Firm works cooperatively with trial counsel or with the prospective appellant directly to manage the second – and perhaps last chance at a favorable outcome.

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The Appellate Process

The appellate process is substantially different from the procedures and rules of the trial court, and only a “reversible” error can be at issue. There are initial hurdles to clear such as establishing grounds to file an appeal, meeting procedural deadlines, and providing notice to the court and all parties involve. The Appellate Law Firm offers an initial consultation to potential appellants and trial counsel to help ensure compliance with these procedural hurdles and to determine whether there are meritorious issues for appeal.

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Corey Evan Parker, as featured in Avvo Top Attorneys


Corey Evan Parker, as featured in Forbes

Our attorneys, led by Corey Parker, serve with a passion for handling criminal and civil appeals.

Mr. Parker has experience handling both trials and appeals. As a trial attorney, he realized that the main players in any fast-paced legal proceeding are only human and sometimes reversible errors are made. It was his interest in advocating for reversal of these crucial errors that motivated him to focus on appeals.

He is a member of the California Appellate Defense Counsel and has a score of 10/10 on Avvo. He graduated with cum laude honors from Seattle University School of Law, ranked by U.S. News & World Report as having the #1 Legal Writing Program in the Country for the past seven years.

Mr. Parker was recently included in AVVO’s 2015 list of Top Attorneys in Coast Magazine.

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