Legal cases are complicated. Whether it is a criminal charge or civil dispute, the law, the facts, and the presentation will determine the result. Not every court comes to the right decision. The appeals process exists to allow parties to challenge procedural errors and/or misapplications of law. You have the right to pursue an appeal after an unfavorable verdict. 

Of course, the appeals process can be expensive. This raises an important question: Can an appeals attorney add value to my case without undue cost? The answer is ‘yes’—there are some cost-effective ways to utilize appellate counsel. You may even want to consult with an appellate attorney well before your case has ever gone to trial. 

Four Ways an Appellate Law Attorney Can Add Cost-Effective Value 

#1: Case Development: Specialized Experience and Guidance During Litigation

A cost-effective way to utilize the services of an appellate attorney is to bring one in during the development stage of the case. Appeal lawyers have a deep understanding of narrow areas of law and insight into the latest appellate court decision. While trial attorneys can hone in on the facts of the case, appellate lawyers bring specialized expertise to the table to help develop an effective case. The better developed a case, the less likely a (potentially expensive) appeal is to even be necessary. 

#2: Collaborative Support Through a Trial

Trial lawyers are often laser-focused on the specific facts of the case and the day-to-day happenings in court. In contrast, appellate lawyers are trained to work on the “big picture” areas of law that are reviewed and assessed in the appeals process. For this reason, parties can often benefit from working collaboratively with an appellate attorney through the trial itself. An appellate lawyer can provide important counsel on some key matters. 

#3: Review, Examine, and Evaluate the Decision for a Potential Appeal

An appeal is not the right choice in every case. Even if you vehemently disagree with the trial court’s decision, you still might not have solid grounds for appeal. As the American Bar Association (ABA) explains, there must be a genuine basis for appeal—one cannot be filed on “the fact that the losing party didn’t like the verdict.” One way an appellate counsel can add real value without undue expense is review and evaluating the initial decision to determine whether an appeal is viable. 

#4: Legal Representation During an Appeal 

An appeal might be the best path forward in your case. When trial courts make serious errors, the non-prevailing party has the right to get justice through an appeal. Appellate law is complicated. There are specialized rules, procedures, and standards in place. If you are preparing to file a federal or state appeal, it is worth it to retain an experienced appellate law attorney. 

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