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Beginning June 11, 2020 the Washington state legislature has enacted a new law that allows for the early release of prisoners if it advances the interests of justice during the coronavirus pandemic. If you have a loved one who is currently incarcerated, he or she may be eligible for early release under this new legislation. The experienced attorneys at The Appellate Law Firm are here to help pursue resentencing requests for those currently incarcerated in the Washington state prison system and can help with your loved one’s case. Call or contact us today to schedule a free consultation. 

Washington Early Release Law

Also known as Senate Bill 6164, the Washington state early release law allows for prosecutors to petition the court at their discretion to resentence a currently incarcerated individual if the prosecutor believes that the imprisonment no longer advances the interests of justice. In order to determine whether a prisoner’s incarceration is or is not advancing the interests of justice, the prosecutor and the court in each case consider the following: 

  • The inmate’s disciplinary record while incarcerated
  • Any record of rehabilitation while incarcerated
  • Any evidence that shows whether the inmate’s age, time served, and/or diminished physical condition reduce the risk for future violence
  • Any evidence of changed circumstances since the inmate’s original sentencing

There may be other mitigating factors that the court can take into account when determining whether to allow the early release of an inmate under the new law. For example, an inmate’s susceptibility to COVID-19 may be an important factor. If the inmate is elderly or immunocompromised, a prosecutor may be more likely to request early release. A highly qualified attorney will be able to review the facts of your case and provide expert advice about what to expect. 

How a Lawyer can Help with Resentencing 

By hiring an experienced attorney to pursue the request, an incarcerated individual may increase his or her chances of having a prosecutor meaningfully review their petition and it may expedite the process. A Washington attorney knows the law and can craft the best possible arguments as to why a client’s current imprisonment no longer advances the interests of justice.

Furthermore, an attorney’s office has significant resources beyond what is available to inmates in the state correctional system to make a timely filing and follow up with the prosecutor’s office on the status of the case. By having an advocate outside of the prison system, an inmate knows that there is someone zealously representing his or her interests and ensuring that the request is being reviewed as quickly as possible by the prosecutor’s office. Speak with an experienced lawyer today to learn more about how hiring an attorney can help with a request for early release.

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If you know someone who is at risk for contracting COVID-19 while incarcerated in a Washington state prison, you may be able to help them secure an early release through resentencing under the new state law. To learn more about the legal options for early release, call the office or contact us today at The Appellate Law Firm to schedule a free consultation. 

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