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Filing an appeal can feel like a daunting task, and trying to figure out how to pay for the costs of an appeal can seem even more overwhelming. However, the experienced appeals attorneys at The Appellate Law Firm are here to help you understand the many ways in which you can finance the costs of your appeal. With more ways than ever to finance your appellate case, you can find the financing option that works best for you. To learn more about other options for financing your appellate costs, see Part 1 of this article.

Options for Financing an Appeal 

There are many different ways that you and your loved ones can finance the costs of an appeal. If the option you choose involves working with a lender or outside institution, be sure to do your due diligence first before entering into a contract for your appellate funding. Some of the most commonly used options for appeals financing include the following:


There are many sites that can help you and your loved ones crowdfund your appellate costs. Websites like GoFundMe and IndieGoGo allow you to set up a webpage that requests donations from others to help cover the costs of your case. Typically, the webpage is free to set up and the only costs are the fees associated with the credit card processing, which is usually between 3% and 4%. This option works well for people who do not want to manage the intake of gifts from multiple people in multiple methods. A crowdfunding site streamlines the process to raise money for your appeal.

Peer to Peer Loan

A peer to peer loan is similar to a loan from a bank, except that it occurs directly between two people. Many websites now connect borrowers with a person or group that is willing to lend money in this manner. Often, peer to peer lending has lower fees and takes less time than applying for a traditional loan. However, you should always make sure that the terms are clear and in writing before engaging in a peer to peer loan. 

Paypal Loan 

The company Paypal also loans money to individuals to cover the costs of major purchases, such as the cost of an appeal. Paypal loans money directly through their institution, so you can only use the funds with a firm that accepts Paypal as a method of payment. Be sure to check with your appellate lawyer that this is an acceptable way to pay for your appeal with their firm before utilizing this option. 

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