Can I Appeal My Conviction?

If you have been convicted of criminal charges, you may be facing heavy penalties, such as jail or prison time, fines, and a permanent criminal […]

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Steps in a Successful Appeal

If you were convicted of a crime and believe that legal errors were made in your trial, you have right to appeal under the American […]

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Your Right to Appeal a Criminal Conviction

Being convicted of a crime is devastating, and you may feel like you’ve run out of options. Even after a conviction, you hold the right […]

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Choosing the Right Washington Appellate Attorney Matters

  Inherent in our justice system is the right to appeal a trial court verdict. A defendant who has been wrongly convicted or penalized too […]

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The Facts About Filing an Appeal in Washington

Trial courts, judges, and juries are not perfect, and sometimes they make serious errors. For that reason, we have the court of appeal judicial system, […]

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The Appellate Approach

If you appeal a guilty verdict in a criminal case, the court does not always let you go free. You need a criminal appeals lawyer to request a stay on appeal. Your lawyer can request this stay at your sentencing hearing. This way you will not have to stay behind bars while the appeal is going on. Your lawyer will also try to overturn the wrongful conviction.

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