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Pending Appeals


e are currently representing clients on the following appellate matters. In regards to these matters, we were not the trial counsel, but was entrusted to handle the appeal:

Pending Appeals
  • Appeal of Murder in the First Degree Conviction
    • The appellant was sentenced to life without parole in Snohomish County Superior Court following a jury trial. Mr. Parker is filing an appeal to the Court of Appeals, Division I based on newly discovered evidence and other prospective reversible errors that transpired in the jury trial.
  • Appeal of One Count of First Degree Robbery, Two Counts of Second Degree Assault, and One Count of First Degree Unlawful Possession of a Firearm and Receiving Three Firearm Enhancements.
    • The petitioner represented himself in a jury trial in King County Superior Court and was sentenced to 32 years in prison despite being mentally incompetent. Mr. Parker has filed a Personal Restraint Petition on the petitioner’s behalf based on him not having been competent to represent himself to the Court of Appeals, Division I.
  • Appeal of Driving Under the Influence Conviction– Orange County Superior Court
    • Evidence of client’s prior felony was wrongfully admitted in his DUI trial in Orange County Superior Court. Mr. Parker filed an appeal in the appellate division of Orange County Superior Court and appeared for oral argument in August.
  • Appeal of Civil Litigation Matter
    • Mr. Parker is representing a client who was unsuccessful in a lawsuit against his former employer. Mr. Parker is drafting the opening brief focused on the employer’s counsel using prejudicial evidence against the appellant. This trial proceedings occurred in King County Superior Court. The appeal will be filed in the Court of Appeals, Division I
  • Appeal of Involuntary Guilty Plea
    • Mr. Parker is currently working on filing a Personal Restraint Petition as a result of a Thurston County Superior Court case where the petitioner plead guilty. Evidence suggests she was threatened to plead guilty by an entity that she was a member of at the time. This matter is being appealed in the Court of Appeals, Division II.
  • Appeal of DMV License Suspension – Writ of Mandate
    • Mr. Parker is currently appealing a Petitioner’s unfavorable DMV hearing. The Writ is centered around the accuracy of the breath test results. The Writ was filed in Orange County Superior Court. Oral argument is scheduled for October.
  • Personal Restraint Petition Regarding Promoting Prostitution Case
    • The Petitioner was convicted of promoting prostitution in King County Superior Court. Evidence of multiple prior convictions were improperly elicited in the appellant’s testimony by the prosecutor in trial court and the Court potentially abused its discretion by allowing these prior convictions into evidence without a proper basis. Mr. Parker is drafting a Personal Restraint Petition in the Court of Appeals, Division I.
  • Petition to the Victim Compensation and Government Claims Board Based on Wrongful Murder Conviction
    • The Petitioner was wrongfully convicted of murder and released in 2012. Mr. Parker is assisting the petitioner in receiving compensation from the State of California after being exonerated after serving over 11 years in prison.
  • Appeal of a Drug Possession with Intent to Manufacture or Deliver
    • Mr. Parker has filed an appeal of a drug possession with intent to manufacture or deliver case out of Snohomish County Superior Court that is currently pending in the Court of Appeals, Division I. The appeal focuses on ineffective assistance of counsel and an error that transpired at the sentencing hearing.

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