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Child Custody Appeals


There may be no more heartbreaking outcome in all of civil law than a child custody ruling that goes the wrong way. Whether you have been denied custody altogether or believe that the other parent is unfit to share custody with you, a bad custody ruling can impact your life and that of your children for many years to come. While many custody arrangements are less than ideal and require a period of adjustment for all involved, custody orders that are incorrect based on the law can be immediately appealed in order to have an appellate court review the order to determine whether it was proper.

Attorney Corey Evan Parker represents individuals in appealing child custody rulings in California and Washington state family law actions. When you contact our office, we will speak with you in a free 30-minute consultation to determine whether you have grounds to appeal, and, if so, will zealously advocate on your behalf at the appellate level to win the just outcome in your child custody matter.

The Difference Between an Appeal and a Modification

It is important to understand that a child custody appeal is different from a request for modification of the custody arrangement. In a modification action, a party is asking the trial court to revisit a custody arrangement based on changed circumstances that have occurred since the original order was made, for example a proposed move out of state or an act of domestic violence that has occurred.

In an appeal, however, the party is arguing to the appellate court that the trial judge made a mistake in applying the law and/or evaluating the facts of the matter, and should thus be reversed with a new custody arrangement put in place.

Grounds for Appealing Your Child Custody Ruling

When you speak with our office, we will work through whether there are in fact appealable grounds in your child custody ruling. Such rulings must be made on the basis of serving the best interests of the child. Potential grounds for appealing a child custody ruling include:

  • Failure to properly consider all factors relating to the best interests of the child
  • Failure to allow in certain evidence
  • Misapplication of the law to the situation
  • Improper conduct by the other party that was not addressed by the court

Do Not Hesitate to Appeal Your Child Custody Ruling

In Washington, a parent has 30 days from the date a child custody order is handed down to file an appeal. In California, the window in which an appeal can be filed is generally 60 days. This time runs from the date that the specific order is made, and not when the divorce (if the ruling is part of a divorce matter) is finalized.

When you contact the office of Corey Evan Parker, our team will discuss with you whether you do in fact have appealable grounds in your child custody matter, and, if so, examine and evaluate the trial record for error and file the child custody appeal on your behalf. We will then prepare arguments in your favor and appear in court to present oral arguments before the court.

Contact Corey Evan Parker About Your Child Custody Appeal

Attorney Corey Evan Parker will take the time to understand your child custody matter to determine what options are available to you, and discuss your best strategy for moving forward quickly and effectively. Appeals are time sensitive, so please feel free to contact Corey Evan Parker to get started on your Washington or California family law appeal today. Contact The Appellate Law Firm to schedule a free 30-minute consultation regarding your child custody matter.  

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