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Tips to Give You the Best Chance at Your Appeal

The trial court does not always come to the correct conclusion in criminal and civil cases. If you believe that the court rendered an incorrect verdict in your case, you may have cause for an appeal. At The Appellate Law Firm, our team of dedicated legal professionals is here to help increase your chances at success with your appeal. To learn more, call or contact our office today.

File in a Timely Manner

The first tip for increasing your chances at appeal is to file in a timely manner. Filing an appeal usually must take place within thirty days of a final judgment at the trial level. Many people do not know that the turnaround for appeals is that fast. If you fail to file in a timely manner, the court may bar your appeal based on the statute of limitations and render you unable to succeed at the appellate level.

Focus on Only the Appealable Issues

The next aspect of increasing the chances of success at an appeal is to focus only on appealable issues. You cannot appeal every decision or issue that comes up during a trial that is incorrect or false. Appeals must be based on issues of law or procedure that happened during the trial process, and those issues must be so serious that the errors may have fundamentally altered the outcome of the case. Including trivial issues or simple mistakes can delegitimize the important issues in an appeal, which is why it is important to only focus on those that are appealable at the next level.

Collect All Relevant Documents and Transcripts

Collecting all the relevant documents for your case along with the trial transcripts is also incredibly important to the success of an appeal. An appellate case is not based on new evidence presented but on the records and transcripts of what occurred at the trial level, and every argument presented must be backed up by something in the documents and transcripts of the trial. Without this, it is incredibly difficult to put on a successful case at the appellate level.

Utilize an Experienced Appellate Attorney

Finally, it is critical that you utilize the services of a knowledgeable appellate law attorney. The appeals process is very different from the trial level, and not every lawyer has the skills or experience to successfully manage an appellate case. This is especially true if part of your appeal is based on an ineffective assistance of legal counsel at the trial level. An appeals lawyer understands the differences in the process and how best to present your case to the appellate court. Using an appellate attorney is your best chance at your appeal.

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