If you have been involved in a court case and lost, you still have legal options available to you through the appellate process. However, the law only allows for you to appeal a case within a very small window of time. It is important that you hire an experienced appellate attorney to represent your interests and ensure that your case is appealed in a timely manner. At The Appellate Law Firm, attorneys are prepared to represent your legal interests at the appellate level. To learn more about the wide range of legal services provided and to discuss the details of your case, call or contact the office today for a free consultation.

Statute of Limitations for Appeals, Notice of Appeal 

In a civil case against another person or party, an appeal can be filed after a final judgment is rendered at the trial level. Once the final judgment is made by the court, a party is limited regarding when they can file a Notice of Appeal: 60 days in California (30 days for a misdemeanor), 30 days in Washington, and 21 or 28 days in Michigan depending on your circumstance. It is important you discuss the specifics for your state with an attorney. Known as the statute of limitations, if a party fails to file the Notice in time, the court can throw out the appeal and enforce the ruling of the trial court. In California specifically, the law does not allow for extensions on the appellate statute of limitations, so once the allotted days have passed, your opportunities for appeal are lost. Because the time frame to file an appeal is so short, it is critical that you have an experienced appellate law attorney handling your case. 

How an Appellate Attorney can Help

An appellate law attorney is your best chance at preserving your claims and appealing a decision from the trial court. An appellate lawyer understands the tight timeline for filing a Notice to Appeal and will ensure that all of the proper documentation is filed with the court in time to keep your case alive. Appeals are different than court at the trial level, and an appellate attorney focuses in making your case to an appellate court. During an appeal, no new evidence or witnesses are allowed, and the entire case is based on what happened at the trial level. 

Your appellate attorney will collect all of the relevant evidence from the trial level, prepare a written brief for the court, and present the best possible oral arguments on why the trial court erred when ruling against your interests. To learn more about the appellate process and preserving your case for appeal, call or contact our experienced appellate attorneys today.

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The appellate court is the only way to fix the mistakes made at the trial court level in your case. The Appellate Law Firm has years of experience helping clients that are in need of legal representation at the appellate level. To talk with an experienced appellate attorney about your case and filing a Notice of Appeal call or contact the office to schedule a free consultation today.


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